Much like staring into water, Liquid Mirror presents a fluid and changing image to the onlooker.

Imbued with synthetic resin and colour, the mirrors of this collection gain depth and materiality. Each mirror turns a supposedly neutral and flat reflection into a playful and tangible portrait of space and self.


This project was shown as part of the exhibition BODY LANGUAGE within the Collective DUTCH INVERTUALS at the Salone del Mobile Milan, 2015 and at the D’Days Paris, 2015.

The mirrors are available online through the online gallery DUTCH INVERTUALS COLLECTED.


Liquid Mirror ::: Rectangle ::: Dimensions L 32 x W 6 x H 170 cm ::: Plexi glas, Paper, Epoxy resin

Liquid mirror_rectangle

Liquid mirror_rectangle_backside

Liquid Mirror ::: Oval ::: Dimensions L 28 x W 3 x H 45 cm ::: Stainless Steel, Epoxy resin

Liquid mirror_oval

Liquid mirror_oval_detail

Liquid Mirror ::: Circle ::: Dimensions L 80 x W 3 x H 80 cm ::: Stainless Steel, Epoxy resin

Liquid mirror_circle

Liquid Mirror ::: Rectangle ::: Details

Liquid mirror_rectangle_back_detail

Liquid mirror_rectangle_side

Liquid mirror_rectangle_side reflection

Liquid mirror_rectangle_bubble detail

Liquid Mirror ::: Circle ::: Reflection





All photography copyright Victoria Ledig.