Research & Workshops : WASTE CRAFT

Designer in Residence Taipei, Taiwan (3months)


► Research into waste materials of diverse textile industries in Taiwan.

► Organizing different design workshops for designers, students and residents.
The recycling of household waste in Taiwan is very sophisticated, however in comparison, industrial waste materials mostly end up in the incinerator. Focussing on the textile related industry in Taiwan, I looked at different manufacturing sites and their waste. Using this waste as material, I incorporated textile hand techniques to partner with local creative professionals, students and residents. Together, we have playfully found solutions for the waste materials and established links between the local creatives and textile industries for future sustainable projects.


The results of this design residency were exhibited during the WORLD DESIGN CAPITAL TAIPEI 2016 exhibition in Taipei, Taiwan.

With special thanks to : Department of Cultural Affairs, Taipei City Government, World Design Capital 2016 /// archicake /// Taipei Artist Village /// DITfest