Interior : SOFTCORE

The beginning of a family of sitting objects.


Industrial materials yearn to play.

With that premise, the profane and the uselessly beautiful come together.
Hard feelings with a soft touch, foam and concrete go on a date.
What happens when the brutal melts into your living room and pools around your upholstery?

An indulgent exploration of material properties.




To be continued.

Industrial foam cut-offs; molded concrete.

This project was shown as part of the exhibition CONCEPTS OF BEAUTY  within the BLANCCollective during the Dutch Design Week 2015, Eindhoven, NL; and the exhibition NUDE vs. NAKED by Floor Knaapen and Grietje Schepers at Modefabriek, Amsterdam, NL.

Victoria Ledig - Softcore - 1
Victoria Ledig - Softcore - 2
Victoria Ledig - Softcore - 3
Victoria Ledig - Softcore - 4
Victoria Ledig - Softcore - 4
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